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  • Rochelle Walton

No More Going Through the Motions

The fact of the matter is (if we’re keeping it HOT - honest, open and transparent) sometimes you grow tired. Sometimes you get a little weary. Sometimes that spark feels like it’s dwindling. Those are the moments to lean more into God’s Presence…lean into His Presence to be renewed, refreshed, recharged. To have your fire rekindled. Not just roll with things as usual to hold up appearances like you’re doing fine. God cares far less about the appearance of a thing than what is actually going on with our soul.

No more going through the motions, trying to keep up appearances and assimilating to what you THINK (or what someone TOLD you) this journey is supposed to look like. No more merely following steps and checklists when your heart isn’t in it. No more acting like you’re okay when you’re actually weary and worn down. No more smiling like you have it all together while struggling behind closed doors.

Be real. Be real with God. Start this new year with honesty, truth…transparency with God.

If you have doubts, express that.

If you have fears, express that.

If you have disappointment, express that.

If you lack peace, express that.

Whatever it is, make it known to the Father.

What is hidden cannot be healed.

God cannot restore the parts of us that we aren’t real with Him about and willing to surrender to Him. He’s saying, “invite Me in.”

God wants our authenticity. Our honesty. For us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

Be real with God and ask Him to pick you up and restore the joy of His salvation in your life. Ask Him for a fresh wind. Ask Him to rekindle the fire you once had. Ask Him for renewal and then SIT and WAIT (actively with anticipation) for Him to refill and recharge you.

It requires a willingness to be honest and a willingness to patiently wait expectantly and abide in His Presence. Have a happy new year.

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