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Speaking Engagements

Rochelle Walton is available for speaking engagements.


Rochelle Walton is a dynamic and multifaceted woman of God. She has been tremendously graced by God with many abilities to serve the Kingdom. A portion of her grace includes speaking and hosting. Since 2016, she has been blessed and entrusted with ample opportunities to speak before various audiences, including middle school-aged children, teens, young adults, women’s groups, and older individuals. She has spoken for after school programs, church youth groups and conferences. Rochelle is gifted with knowledge that covers a variety of topics such as worth, overcoming temptation, being a believer in today’s society, and spiritual warfare—making her a suitable candidate for your next speaking and hosting engagement!


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PowerUp Resurgence

Was graced with the opportunity to teach 3 sessions on spiritual warfare at the PowerUp conference in August of 2018. I taught on Fighting the Good Fight''.

  • The devil wants to wear us out. - Strip off the weights that cause you to stumble and wear you down.

  • Pray without ceasing - We are only as powerful as the source we are connect to. God is the Source...stay charged up.

AOS Women's Event

I had the honor of speaking at the AOS "Let It Grow 2017" Women's Event. Being around beautiful young women who love the Lord was so refreshing. The words spoken by the host, Tiona Wilson, and the other guest speaker, Alana McCarter, truly blessed meI spoke on Cherishing Your Soil. "You may not always like where God has you planted but your soil was designed specifically for you. Stop looking at others’ soil. Stop trying to hide the dirt your purpose grew out of. Embrace seasons of being planted. Endure rainy days. Push through the dirt of loneliness and despair, holding onto the faith that God is growing something powerful within you."

The Bridge

I was humbled to be invited by The Bridge Student Ministries to come speak with their youth about restoration. It's great to see young people being drawn to God and having a hunger for His Word! Monday night, I spoke with them about being restored to God after going astray. We did ice breakers, played games, had nachos and pinned our struggles to the Cross as we circled around it and prayed to God for deliverance and complete restoration.


D. I. V. A. S. 

I had the privilege to be asked to speak with the D. I. V. A. S. after school program at a local middle school. I taught on purpose and goal setting. "In life we should embrace failure because it's a part of success." We shared fears that hold us back from attempting to obtain our dreams, wrote them down and then we ripped them up and threw them in the trash! We choose faith over fear!

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