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  • Rochelle Walton

The Time is Now

FULLY COMMITTING...How many of us can say that we’ve been full committing? Not just saying “yes” to the call of Christ but fully committing to everything He calls us to. I’ll admit that I haven’t been fully committing lately. I have notebooks of blogs and video content that God gave me, but I did nothing with. God would give me the revelation and the words to say and I’d write them down, but I wouldn’t follow through with making the blog post or the video. If it was a quick word, I’d make a thread on Twitter or a “quick read” on, but the meatier words He’d give me, the ones that’d take time and extra effort to explain and elaborate on, I’d put them on the back burner for a “later time when I had the time and energy”. HOW DARE I?? I’d use the excuse of being busy and tired from grad school or work, but they’re not real excuses. I’d become overwhelmed other times with all that God gave me to speak on and instead of asking Him for guidance or clarity on it, I’d just push it to the side and settle for something quick and simple just to be able to say that “I did something.” How ignorant and arrogant of me! God graced me to be called to Sowfull and I should not take that lightly. And the truth of the matter is, God doesn’t NEED me. He BLESSES me with the opportunity to be used. I need Him!! He can send the same word through someone else...anything else...a donkey, a rock!!! There have actually been times that He’s done that because I was putting the message on hold and someone needed to hear the word THEN! I allowed laziness, procrastination and waiting for the perfect time to hold me up from fully committing and fully doing the work of the Lord for too long. But not anymore. From here on out, I’m speaking when He says speak, and putting the word out when He instructs me to put the word out.

I don’t know if any of you can relate to my experience. Some of you may have been stagnant due to fear or doubts. Whatever the reason may be for your delay in doing what God has called you to, it doesn’t matter. THE TIME IS NOW!








THE TIME IS NOW! God is tired of waiting on us.

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