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  • Rochelle Walton

He is God of Our In-between As Well

He is not just God of the PROMISE, He is also God of the PROCESS.

Oftentimes we receive a word and just expect it to come to pass with no work, no struggle, no press, and no trials. Then, when what we perceive as “hiccups” arise, we assume that we misheard God or that the prophet who gave us the word must be false. We begin to doubt the promise because the process didn’t go as WE planned. (Tongues twister! Lol)

Don’t judge the process by what YOU expected. Don’t doubt the promise because the in-between didn’t go as YOU intended. God gave the word KNOWING what would transpire along the way. Trust Him still. He has it all under control and has already orchestrated it to work for the good. (Romans 8:28) Don’t base the fulfillment of His word on your finite knowledge. Trust His word, His omniscience and omnipotence. Trust that He is omnipresent. He stands in your past, present and future. He knows all! He was well aware when He gave you a word in the past, that there’d be troubles along the way as you pursued your future...His Promise still stands! Don’t let what you see in the present make you doubt that.

Hold fast to the promise even when the process doesn’t go as you planned or expected.‬

‪Have faith for the promise even when the process doesn’t feel good.‬

‪I truly believe that God sends the promise beforehand so that we have hope to hold onto as we endure the process ahead. You can trust the promise to come to pass because God never promises and then not performs. (Numbers 23:19) Now say that 3x fast.🤪 Lol

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