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  • Rochelle Walton

Even in the Seemingly Mundane and Insignificant

Heyyy, Sowfull Crew!!! Long time, no post, but I'm back now and wanted to share a quick message with you all to start the month of August!

I randomly had the desire to grab something to eat from Checker’s this past weekend, a place I hardly ever go to. There was a line and things seemed to be moving a little slowly, but I kept a good attitude because I understand people are doing the best they can and an impatient attitude wouldn’t move things along any faster.

The lady taking orders was so nice and chipper, so when I got to the window, I complimented her on her great attitude and handed her my Cashapp card to pay. She read it and instantly said, “thank You God. I needed to read this so much right now. You just don’t know. I needed this today.”

As she went on to speak something to herself under her breath, I noticed a travel size Bible in her pocket. I told her, “I love the Bible in your pocket.” She told me, “I have to keep It close to me.” She told me she loved my card as she gave it back to me and before I pulled off, she said, “thank you for the word.”

For a split second, I thought to myself, “what word? I didn’t say anything,” but then God reminded me that our life (words, actions, attitudes, etc.) are a sermon.

Something I live by: People may not read the Bible but they’ll read you, so reflect Christ in all you do.

Friends chuckle sometimes when they see my card but God’s allowed me quite a few interactions like this one just based off of what I have written on my card. It touches me every time. It never gets old. You never know who needs to see that message.

Just a reminder to reflect Christ in ALL things, even the seemingly small, “insignificant” things.

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Lucien Lumande
09 ก.ย. 2565

Oui,Dieu est Amour


02 ส.ค. 2565

Wow. I love the simple yet powerful way God used that moment. You didn't have to conjure up any word of knowledge, God did what He does best. Can't stop reading this post, I love it.

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