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  • Rochelle Walton

Anxious for Nothing


• I experience peace that surpasses my understanding. (Phil.4:7)

• I set healthy boundaries for myself and others concerning me.

• God doesn’t give me more than I can manage so neither do I.

• I will say “no” when asked to do/participate/take on tasks that do not serve my God given purpose or my mental/physical/spiritual/emotional health.

• I practice self-care and resting whenever needed.

• I trust that God is in total control of my life (Ps.139:16) and working all things together for the good (Rom.8:28).

• I will not become flustered or frustrated when my plans do not go as planned. I know that I can plan but God’s will prevails (Prov.19:21). I know that His plans for my life are for my good and not evil...His plans give me hope and a future (Jer.29:11). His thoughts are above mine and so are His ways (Is.55:8-9). His plans exceed anything I could fathom (Eph.3:20) and they are working so that I may have an abundant life (John 10:10).

• I understand that stressing adds nothing to my life and that God already knows what I need (Matt.6:25-33). Not only does He know, but He provides it (Matt.7:11). I don’t worry about what I may not have for I know that the children of God lack no good thing (Ps. 34:10) for He doesn’t withhold them from His children (Ps.84:11).

• I don’t worry about tomorrow, I focus on today (Matt.6:34). I know that God’s Grace is sufficient to bring me through the day (2 Cor.12:9).

• I will fix my mind on things above (Col.3:2)...I will think on that which is pure, honorable, true and praiseworthy (Phil. 4:8) and cast down any thoughts that are contrary (2 Cor.10:5).

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