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  • Rochelle Walton


✨Transparency moment: I have been slacking and slacking hard. I for months have been using “being busy” as an excuse for not being in the Word like I should and not praying as I should.

My First Lady, Christina B. Lynch, once said, “BUSY means Being Under Satan’s Yoke”. As sister Susan Axon said, “we can be busy but are we producing?” Jon Keith said in his song Olympus, “I ain’t really been bearing at the branch, must be something at the root” and that’s real!

For the past 2-3 months intimacy hadn’t been as deep and neither had revelations because I hadn’t been tending to my roots. God has been dealing with me on how comfortable and complacent I‘ve gotten with where I am and how I have not been digging or pushing to go deeper. He told me I had become lackadaisical about abiding in His Presence, getting into His Word and praying without ceasing. My resounding “yes” had become a “maybe when I feel like it”. Then God sent my Pastor, Pastor Chance Lynch, to come behind Him and confirm that word this past Sunday with the prophetic word that He had my Pastor release in the house. Then yesterday while praying, I found my lips uttering the words in this post.

God showed me that it’s not just me. The Body as a whole has been distracted. We’ve gotten entangled in civilian affairs instead of focusing on the One Who enlisted us (1 Timothy 1:12). We are soldiers of the Lord and this is not a game...this spiritual warfare. It’s time to take it seriously. WE WERE BORN FOR THIS. I hope that this encourages you to destroy the distractions and push past the pressures that have you stagnant.

✨So here’s to the 8th month of the year...Here is to NEW BEGINNINGS as the number 8 symbolizes...Here is to being intentional about being intimate with our Father...Here is to taking this journey seriously.✨

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